Bazz CallBack widget Pro (stand-alone) [Nulled Script Download]


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There are CLIENT-side script (jQuery) and SERVER-side script (PHP) in the package.

This is a jQuery plugin. The plugin is intended for easy creating a widget on your website. The widget will be performing «call-back function». Such widget will allow the user to specify the phone number that you have called back to him. The notice of the order of a call comes to an email address of the author of the website. It is possible to specify time in seconds through which you call back to the user. Time will be displayed in the form of a countdown. In a widget it is possible to enter the name. It is possible to specify operating time of a widget and the text of the notice if you aren’t on the place

You can setting up really any color scheme! The best integration for your design.


How it looks on desktop

Bazz CallBack widget Pro (stand-alone) - 1

How it looks on mobile

Bazz CallBack widget Pro (stand-alone) - 2

The email from the widget looks like:

Bazz CallBack widget Pro (stand-alone) - 3


  • jQuery 1.11 and higher
  • PHP 5.2 and higher

How to install:

  1. Place files on your server.
  2. Include the style and the script in to your web-page.
  3. Place bcbMailer.php on the home folder of your web-server.
  4. Initialize the plugin.
  5. Done.

Changes log:

ver 1.0

First release.

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