Bestie – A Friendly Viral Quiz Game [Nulled Script Download]



What is Bestie?

Bestie is a PHP Script with a plethora of features to help you manage your website, the core feature of which will be an unusual quiz – A friendship test.
So basically, a user will register and asked to answer some questions, that are set by you, the website owner, and once they answer all the questions, they will get a link. They can share that link with their friends.
On that link, the friends will answer the same questions for the original person and will get to know how many they guessed right. So will the user. The person who gets most answers right is the winner theoretically, or the answers are a way to see how much the friend knows the user.
Whatever it may be to them, you realise that this is a fun game and quick to play. People like sharing such things and it will go viral easily.

Make off some quick bucks maybe

Whether your intention is to gain some recognition easily, or to earn some few bucks, this script is perfect. Because of its potential to go viral easily, and the plethora of features you get that allow you to set up the website easily, it should hold enough economic value to you to justify its prices.

Feature List

I mentioned it so many times already, “plethora of features”, so what are those?

  • A reliable user management system
  • Email verification for users.
  • Add multiple admins to monitor the website.
  • Secure registrations and login authentication.
  • Secure questionnaire
  • Attractive interfaces for users in premium themes.
  • Password…

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