Bravo WordPress Security Plugin – Hide My WP, Stop Hacks! [Nulled Free Download]



Bravo WordPress Security Plugin is the choice for all your website security needs from Hide
Wordpress Completely to Firewall, AntiVirus, 2 Factor Authentication, reCaptcha and more!.

Take Control of your WordPress Website Security with Bravo

WordPress is fast becoming the CMS of choice when it comes to easy to install, simple to use
and relatively secure websites right out of the box. But the more you customize and change by
adding your own Theme, tweaking PHP and adding Plugins for increased functionality, the
easier it becomes for your site to be hacked.

Keeping your site secure is so important for obvious reasons – maximum uptime, increased
growth, no abandoned shopping carts, customer data security and maintaining a website that
runs smoothly and reliably as possible are all super important.

With Bravo you can manage all of your security needs from the one simple interface with the
familiarity of the WordPress dashboard – so simple, no coding required.

Over 35 Gobsmacking Security Features

Bravo WordPress Security Plugin - Hide My WP, Stop Hacks! - 1

With over 35 fully featured security features it’s hard to cover them all, but check out a few of
the most compelling reasons you should Activate Bravo for WordPress on all of your websites

  • Hide WordPress
    • Hackers scan massive amounts of websites looking for easy vulnerabilities to
      exploit and one thing they can take advantage of is unsecured WordPress
      websites, especially those that don’t change default Passwords or leave the
      username Admin as the default login –…

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