DataMorph Database Manager and Generator [Nulled Script Download]



DataMorph is a database management and scaffolding application. It allows users to quickly create database and generate tables with random data.
This makes it easy in cases of scaffolding, prototyping and testing where you need to automatically fill your database with data. In addition,
DataMorph provides basic function like search, download, table manipulation and more.



  • Database Scaffolder –
    The scaffolder is a simple tool to help you build a database without actually creating one. The process is painless thanks to modern
    technologies like ajax, pjax and sessions. While generating the created database, datamorph does not just work in silence, it updates you
    with live messages on what is going on in the background.
  • Auto Generator –
    This feature uses a read and write function that analyzes the field names in your table and uses the information to populate your table
    with random yet relevant data. just provide the number of rows you want generated and hit enter. hassle free.
  • Data Type Constraint –
    In addition to the usual field constraints like type, length, keys, we have created a data constraint; a dropdown with over 50 pieces of
    generatable data. data like credit card numbers, ip addresses, names, countries….. are all available for you to use.
  • Database Manager –
    The database management…

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