DRAVMO – Ionic ios/Android app Business App [Nulled Free Download]


01 dravmo


  1. Complete guide to help you understand and use this App.
  2. PhoneGap / Cordova Full Hybrid App using AngularJS + Ionic framework
  3. AngularJS Controllers App, Directives, Services.
  4. PhoneGap / Cordova Plugins.
  5. Already built for iOS and Android platforms using the Cordova
    Command-Line Interface – The build is included in the deliverable
  6. Multiple coloured Home / Grid Layouts.
  7. Home, Article, About and FAQ listing windows are fetching data from
    JSON sources by using the JSON protocol from the controller.
  8. Beautiful UI/UX.
  9. Easy style customization.
  10. Google Maps.
  11. Open any external link with InAppBrowser Plugin8.
  12. Backend on PHP.


Dravmo is a PhoneGap / Cordova Full Hybrid App with AngularJS + Ionic
framework PhoneGap is a very helpful hybrid mobile app development
framework, which can drastically improve your HTML5 app development
experience. It allows you to easily access native functionality, like
camera and Geolocation via JavaScript. Ionic framework is an open-source
front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps…

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