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This sport isn’t like other games available on the market or web is as it involves a further step for gaining factors. You have to advantage coins even as you stay away from different cards at the 3 way and for you to preserve your velocity. You should collect the coins, in case you don’t gather the cash your car will come to a stop and you may lose. 

Demo APK Link

Customization Everything in accordance to the game is changeable as described in the documentation. You can change the speed of the player, the traffic, and much more. This game also includes realizable graphics set. Meaning you can change the assets, and make the graphics according to your pixel size as long as they follow the same ratio as the graphics being replaced. The possibilities with this game are endless. IDE You can simply import this into Android Studio change the graphics, name, package, all the things you would like and Build the APK file and you’re ready to go. 

Key Features :

  • Fun & Addictive Game
  • Admob Integration
  • Easy To Reskin & Customize
  • High Potential
  • Detailed Documentation


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