EPM – Easy Password Manager [Nulled Script Download]




EPM (Easy Password Manager) is a responsive, user-friendly and easy password management software that is built completely using PHP and MySQL. This application is mainly developed targeting those clients who always face into difficulties to remember so many passwords that are used by them very frequently in their daily tasks. Sometimes a person runs a company and he wants to share some account passwords with an individual or a number of persons. In this application, admin will be able to create users and groups and can share password with those users and groups. Users and groups can not create their own passwords in this application. They can only see and use passwords and other information assigned by admin and perform their tasks.

This application has a nice and attractive interface that is awesome and eye-catching. Almost all kinds of necessary changes are possible to do after login in this application as admin without having any kind or programming language knowledge.

This application is built using the procedural php (with PDO feature) and without any framework. For this reason, it can be customized easily by most of the developers around the world. This is strong against SQL injection, and XSS attack; and your website will be safe.


This application has the following features:

  1. Easy and simple interface to use
  2. Fully responsive for any kind of device
  3. Powerful admin panel to control data
  4. Clean coding with proper commenting
  5. Secured coding…

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