Food Blank( recipes client app) [Nulled Free Download]



Whether your goal is to cook like a pro or make a quick family meal.
Foodblank has everything you need to improve life in the kitchen:

•Choose from free delicious food and drink recipes
•Save your favorite recipes to cook again later,
and use the innovative search tool that allows you to filter by the ingredients you already have.

Looking for different meals like:

•Beef,chicken, fish

Foodblank is application that lets you access to thousands of recipes.
Keep your confidence in the kitchen and discover the joy of home cooking with our easy to use recipe app.

– Written in kotlin
– Beautiful modern interface
– Lightweight application
– Recipes api integrated
– Sync with latest android studio IDE version

How to make changes in the source code:
1 Download latest Android studio version
2 Open your file
3 Sync your app with gradle
4 Start working

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