Funky Fonts – Cool Fonts Keyboard Stylish Font [Nulled Free Download]



Using funky fonts to show your taste and attitude, grab more LIKES and FOLLOWERS on social media and WhatsApp, Mitron

You can easily use the COOL FONTS without changing the keyboard.

Best font app for Instagram, best font app for android and for Samsung phone, font changer.

It’s simple and easy to use without having to change your keyboard you can change fonts while typing.

Fonts for android – Font App
Funky fonts is a android font app that lets you encode messages, encode text, type font, make funny fonts, create cool text, fancy text, encode text and many other fonds

Emoji and Emoticon
-android emoticon collection (shrug emoticon, Lenny face, flower emoticon, funny emoticons, Kawai emoticon = cute emoticon and many other)
¯_/¯ (><)

Text Decorator
-decorate text with 50+ text decoration styles
-create text art combining text decoration style with cool letter fonts

Font changer
-create strikethrough, circular letter, rectangular letter, cool letter generator, cursive fonts and a lot of better fonts that are completely free.

A great collection of text styles, letters, cool symbols and old english fonts.

Nickname Creator
Cool name creator for online games, nickname generator.

In general it is a font generator, fancy message creator, text decorator (word art generator), cool symbols and letters generator with cute emoji and emoticons.

Perfect font for Whatsapp ; ) and Mitron

– cursive fonts

– font changer

– cool status…

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