Google Rich Snippets – SEO Structured Data (microdata) for OpenCart [Nulled Script Download]


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OpenCart is a great free, open source PHP cart software.

Unfortunately it’s quite thin with regards to new SEO techniques.

This add-on will solve the lack of structured data (microdata) and will enable you to show rich snippets for your links to products inside the Goggle’s (and other search engines) results.

Please note the fact that using this module does not automatically mean links to your products will show rich snippets immediately. Google takes its time to show this and the introduction of rich snippets for your website’s products depends on more factors (such as domain authority, time since your site is technically ready for rich snippets, etc.).

Installation is easy and the script comes with full instructions.

There is no need to modify any core files. The script is a vQmod XML.

What the script does

Google Rich Snippets – SEO Structured Microdata adds small pieces of coded information to your product pages.

This kind of information is known as structured data (or microdata) and it helps build snippets for your products in search results and build better contextual search results.

This is very effective for SEO itself and for click through rates.

If you would like to see an example of the effectiveness for a small ecommerce site take a look at the picture that I shared here:

(you don’t need a dropbox account, just close the message that invites you to create…

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