GreenRec Waste Management App with Admob – Complete App [Nulled Free Download]



GreenRec Waste Management App with Admob for Android

GreenRec Waste Management System with Admob is a management system used by waste management agencies for the purpose of effective recycling of both household and general wastes.
It has lots of wonderful features such as waste recycling request, admob integrated, real-time notifications on request status change, notifications/in-app alerts, non-admob advertisement also available, amongst other cool features!

Demo apk is available here DEMO APK 1
or via this link, GOOGLE DRIVE:

Test Admin Login: email =>, password=> 123456
Default User Login: create one for yourself via the signup screen



  • Optimized for exceptional performance
  • Full admin front end control
  • Full default user front end control
  • Request for waste pickup – this feature allows the app default users to make requests to the waste management agency who then review and process the request(s).
  • Easy request for waste pickup signal/statuses i.e processing, received and completed
  • Terms of Service included – this offers you the ability to warn/notify/control how your app is used by end users.
  • Requests approval, deletion and status change – these features allows an admin in the platform to delete/approve requests and to change the requests status to processing, received or completed.
  • Easy copy requests to clipboard by admins in the platform.
  • Admob integrated –…

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