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You like some of our WordPress plugins (Layered Popups, Digital Paybox, Code Shop or Stripe Instant Downloads), but your website is not WordPress-driven? It’s not a problem at all.
Now you can use these plugins with any website: Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, whatever – any CMS or even plain HTML pages. Just install Halfdata Admin Panel
on your server, upload desired plugins and paste small JS/HTML-snippets into your website. Pretty easy and don’t require special programming skills.

What plugins are supported?

At that moment Halfdata Admin Panel works with 5 most popular WordPress plugins:

  1. Layered Popups (version 5.80 or higher).
  2. Side Tabs – Layered Popups Add-On (version 1.40 or higher).
  3. Digital Paybox (version 4.20 or higher).
  4. Code Shop (version 2.20 or higher).
  5. Stripe Instant Downloads (version 1.50 or higher).

Please notice, these plugins are not included into package. You need purchase them separately.

How to install Halfdata Admin Panel?

We created Wizard which helps to install script properly.

  1. Unpack downloaded archive and upload files to your server.
  2. Open it in your browser – Wizard will be launched automatically.
  3. Wizard ask for couple questions. Nothing special – MySQL parameters and admin credentials to access Halfdata Admin Panel.
  4. That’s it. Installation completed.

Do I need perform some initial config?

The only thing you probably have to do is to configure mail sending feature. By default Halfdata Admin Panel uses standard mail() function,
so, if you are…

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