Laravel Jetstream without Jetstream [Nulled Script Download]


UIKit Register

This is a package that implement the missing UI for Laravel Fortify using Bootstrap 5 and UIKit 3.

It implements not only what Laravel Fortify offer, but also the features that you can see ony in Jetstream, such as logout from other sessions, delete account, upload profile photo, two factor authentication etc.

It can be installed on any existing Laravel 8 project or you can find a quick installation package with already full Laravel installation and the package.

It will be compatible with next release of Larakit, now named Laraloop, which will be available soon here on Envato, with code generator and much more new features.

List of features

– Login, Registration, Forgot password, Logout
– Authentication with Socialite OAuth
– Registration with Socialite OAuth
– Two factor authentication with normal login and with Socialite
– User Settings with:
– Edit user profile information
– Crop and upload profile photo
– Change user password
– Enable / disable two factor authentication
– See recovery codes and regenerated recovery codes of two factor authentication
– See browser sessions and logout out from other browser sessions
– Delete account
– Link/unlink Social account with Socialite
– User profile that display user information
– All form support ajax submissions using Axios
– Easy add ajax submission to any form
– Vanilla JS without jQuery (but you can use also jQuery if you wish)


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