Listener – Voice Input Plugin for WordPress [Nulled Free Download]



We are glad to present a new great voice input plugin for your WordPress site. Listener designed for the voice input of text or text area fields. The plugin is based on Microsoft Azure – one of the most effective cognitive speech recognition services. The voice input is applied for different forms present on your site. It can be a search field, post comment, product review, or questionnaire. Speed and convenience for your visitors are the main advantages of using the voice input method. Listener WordPress is a great addition to your sites’ compliance with COPPA, FERPA, HIPAA, GDPR, and of course, ADA standards and regulations.

The Listener plugin requires using the API Key of the speech service. You can get it free together with the 5 audio hours free per month. You may also be provided with more resources for specific prices. Once you have activated the plugin and enter your own Key, the product ready to use. An alternative data entry method via voice will be added to all text input fields that greatly improves the accessibility and interaction with your site.

More than 100 accents across 35+ languages

Multiple Languages Speech Recognition

Customizable Button Positions

Completely Cross-Browser Support

Auto-stop recording in silence

Fully Compatible with WordPress 5+

Powered by Microsoft Azure Speech-to-Text

Minified and optimized native JS without jQuery

Modern User Interface

Suitable for all kind of Layout and Template

Works Great with All Popular Themes

A lot of useful functions and settings

Supports 40+ languages for voice input and 13 languages for automatic voice recognition.

The Speech Detection feature allows you to work correctly on a multilingual site or with a multinational audience. You can set only one primary language in the plugin settings but enabling the feature, your visitors can use voice input in another language (from…

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