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Massive Stock Widgets for WordPress is your go-to plugin to display stock information on your website.
With over thousands of stocks to choose from, and a myriad of customizable designs, you have ample opportunities to add unique, creative and professional looking widgets to your website.

Upon purchasing Massive Stock Widgets, you will get a code to activate it.

The Key Aspects

  • Assorted Widgets: Massive Stock Widgets has an array of 11 widgets ranging from Ticker to News. Each of these widgets are unique and offer a number of options which let you customize them.
  • Market Information: Lets you show market information about the price of a stock or a commodity.
  • Massive Collection of Stocks: Innumerable stocks from major as well as minor exchanges all over the world, including popular exchanges such as NASDAQ, NYSE, SSE, JSE, NSE, LSE, etc.
  • Fully Customizable: Massive Stock Widgets provide a suite of design options to customize your widget.
  • Link to Stock Pages: This is a feature that lets you link the stock to its specific page. For example, if you’ve chosen to display AAPL (Apple Inc.) on NASDAQ, then linking to the asset page will essentially link the widget to the AAPL stock page on NASDAQ.
  • Glossy Effects: The Glossy option, when enabled, adds a glossy tint to your widget. This is super effective when used with the right combination of background and themes.

Unique Widgets

Ticker: The ticker is a stripe or a marquee element that can be placed at the top,…

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