PHP Secure Stateless Cookies Class [Nulled Script Download]


stateless cookies

The PHP Secure Stateless Cookies Class lets you create a system that authenticates with secure cookies instead of using PHP sessions. Furthermore, it allows for:

  1. Secure password hashing
  2. Secure cookie hashing
  3. Automatically updates md5 passwords
  4. Can interpret (Non-Portable) PHPass hashes without changing your current user database


Check out the documentation for code samples and usage.


There is quite a bit of discussion between stateful and stateless. For a better understanding of stateless cookies and stateless PHP applications, consider reading the article Hardened Stateless Session Cookies (PDF) by Steven J. Murdoch.


  • (12.05.2012) v1.0

    • Release version
  • (12.06.2012) v1.1

    • Added a much more secure salting algorithm
    • Updated properties to follow OOP standard
    • Added verifyAuth as security measure
  • (02.08.2014) v1.2

    • Updated encryption method
    • Added _switchUserTo method
    • Added _switchUserBack method
    • Added _setcookie method
    • Added remember me cookie

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