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What’s Monitoring Zone (Basic)?

Note: Login from codecanyon’s preview is not working somehow, so please use the demo details given here for checking the product.

This Laravel application can be used to add multiple servers to monitor the status of them. You just have to add server address and port, and the app will ping the server in each 1 minute. If any server goes down, a mail will be send. Also average response time is displayed in the dashboard.
Also the current server status will be displayed on the dashboard and the dashboard will be refreshed in each minutes, and you will see if any server goes down from the dashboard too.

SaaS version of this application is also available, link to the saas version is

Demo Details

Admin Login Details
E-mail address:
Password : admin1234

User Login Details / user1234

Main Features

  • Server Monitoring
  • Website Monitoring
  • API Monitoring
  • Public Pages
  • Incident Reporting

Server Down Email

When ever a server goes down, you will get a mail.

Server back online mail

When the server’s status changed back to up state, we will get another mail with the text that,
the server is back online.

Detailed installation step of the Laravel app will be provided along with the code.
You can use the file…

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