Signal Rentals – Rent Collection, Property, Apartment Invoicing, Tenant and Lease management system. [Nulled Script Download]


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Signal Rentals is a property management software developed with love using the latest web technologies of Angular and Laravel. You can use it to manage your apartment leases, tenants, generate recurring invoices. Your tenants can login to see their lease statements and invoices.

Support Offered:

General answers about the system. Free cpanel installation. Customization at a fee. Contact me via the message box on my profile or WhatsApp to +254724475357

System Users:


Will add landlords and their properties. Can register tenants. Can create leases. Can add payments. Can see reports. Can create user roles and assign to different users.


Login to see how performance of their properties.


Login to see their lease account balances.

Signal Rentals is a software system intended for use by an agent, managing rental properties on behalf of different landlords. With this software, the agent can register landlords, properties and capture tenants data.

Each property is managed to contain units, which can be assigned to a tenant as a lease. Invoices are generated as per lease terms. Payments can be made and assigned to these invoices.

Periodically, the system will generate recurring invoices for continuing leases and assign penalties for late payments. Property reports and lease statements are generated using this data.

Access the ADMIN demo at:


PASS: admin123

As an admin, you may…

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