Social Sharer – Facebook Sticker [Nulled Script Download]



Turn loyal customers into your personal viral marketing team!

Social Sharer - Facebook Sticker - 1

Create a facebook share sticker, so visitors can share it with friends, followers, subscribers or group members on facebook, when they reach a targeted number of visitors, they can unlock your offer. Use for product page, website or blog (via button link), print marketing (via QR code) or social media advertising (via shortened link).

This will help you turn visitors into your personal viral marketing team who share your products or services with all their friends, growing your traffic, sales and referrals while you sleep.


PSD Sticker

You can edit the PSD sticker and replace with your business name, logo and website so customers can spread the love about your business.


Social Sharer - Facebook Sticker - 2

1. Visitor Count
You can set target visitor count (that means each user must share with certain number of friends to unlock your offer). The user must share there unique page link on the social network to increase the visitor count.

2. Share Count
When their friends clicks their link and visit the page, it adds to their share count (e.g. if 5 friends visit the link, then 5 visits is added to their share count).

3. Locked Content
Once target visitor count is reached, your hidden content is shown (so your content will be unlocked after a certain number of visitors have been achieved).


1. Unique Share Counts
Each user has a unique share count so they they must share with targeted number of…

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