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All our Code Generators for PHP, C#, VB.Net and Entity Framework (without source).
All our Code Generators for PHP, C#, VB.Net and Entity Framework (with source code).

SQL Server Procedures Generator is a .Net desktop application that generates stored procedures for CRUD operations for the whole database by single click.

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  • It generates procedures for CRUD operations (Add, Update, Delete, Get and GetAll).
  • You can save the generated script to a single file or multiple files (one file per table).
  • Primary key is automatically detected for each table.
  • Composite primary key is supported.
  • Identity (auto increment) column is automatically detected and is not included in the Insert and Update clauses.
  • Timestamp column has been handled (cannot be inserted/updated manually).
  • Completely indented code is generated.
  • Supports all the data types of SQL Server 2008 R2.
  • Source code has also been provided so that to enable users to make changes according to their requirements.

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