SuperBird [Nulled Free Download]



This is a very entertaining and addicting game of avoiding obstacles. You must make the little bird fly and avoid all of the barriers that come from above and below. At the beginning of the game, there is a number on the screen that represents how many obstacles are in that level. Every time he passes through a barrier, you get one point. But if he touches an obstacle or falls to the ground, it’s game over.

While you are maneuvering through obstacles, you can also collect several items that will help you bust through barriers and beat the level. It’s easily the most addicting kind of game to play.

Reskinning and Customizing
You can make this game completely different by easily reskinning or customizing it. No skills in programming needed! This is a fun and easy app to work on.

– A dynamic system for reskinning
– Game obstacles
– Objects that change the placement
– Vertical orientation
– Clean and customizable source code
– In-game items that supercharge the game
– Very direct and clear documentation

Our experts put a lot of time and work into building this brilliant App. We’re confident that you can earn a fantastic income from this product.

If any issues with reskinning or understanding the project come up, we are happy to be of service! Contact us any time you have questions or concerns.

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