Ticketing Expert – Help desk system with email piping [Nulled Script Download]



What is Ticketing Expert Laravel App ?

Ticketing Expert Laravel App is a help desk system designed for small to medium sized companies. Customers could open tickets after creating an account, and staffs can reply to the tickets.

A user with admin role can create staffs, departments etc.

This system could import tickets from email accounts too. Email inbox will be reading using IMAP protocol.
And staff can reply to the IMAP tickets and that will send to the customer’s email.

So you can use this system as an email inbox too. You can configure multiple emails and all emails will be in one place.
Easy to manage those emails for the support staff as they don’t have to login to multiple email accounts.

Demo Login Details:

(Note: Some how codecanyon’s Live preview is not working, so click the below URL to see demo)

Ticketing Expert URL : https://tebasic.modulespanel.com

Admin login details:-

Username: admin@modulespanel.com
Password : admin1234

Staff login details:-

Username: staff@modulespanel.com
Password : staff1234

User login details:-

Username: user@modulespanel.com
Password : user1234

Major features of the system

  • 1. Department wise tickets
  • 2. Private and Internal notes
  • 3. Canned Responses
  • 4. Import tickets from email using IMAP
  • 5. Staffs to department assignment
  • 6. Email notification for ticket opening and ticket reply
  • 7. Multi language support
  • 8. Ticket Tags
  • 8. Permissions
  • 9. KB and FAQs

Department and IMAP settings

By default, Email piping is…

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