TranslaText – PHP PO/Gettext Manager | Editor | Scanner | Translator [Nulled Script Download]


TranslaText – Your Own PHP PO/Gettext Manager | Editor | Scanner | Translator

TranslaText is application for anyone who use Gettext for their application. Name is built using 2 words Translate & Text.

Gettext make life smoother for any PHP programmer when we want to make the application Multi-lingual, however managing these translations sometimes becomes headaches.

Needs to download PO file then make each translation and generate MO file of it and then upload it … doesn’t seems to be time consuming? And Irritating?

TranslaText comes here as savior, you just need upload the files on server, setup the config & you are ready. No need to download & Upload PO/MO files manually. It itself scan your project for strings based on configuration & generate PO/MO files. It also helps to Translate the strings on the click away.

No Database Required

Auto Translations API Integrated

Google Translate (Per string translation)
Microsoft Translator API (Whole PO file Translation a click a way) – (2M chars free per month
Auto Translation of whole PO file using Google Spreadsheet Translate Trick FREE
Automatic MO file Generation

Believe me it will save your lot of time.

Please check out Demo

Username: demoadmin
Password: demopass12


Server Requirements

•    PHP Version 7.2 or higher
•    PHP extension zip...

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