Video to Image Converter Android [Nulled Free Download]


===== Update July 2021 =====

– Update newest version. Fix bugs and support Android 10, Android 11.

– Build with Android Studio 4.2.1

– Target SDK 30 – support newest Android version 11.0. Support Android version from 5.0 to 11.0 and newer.

===== App’s description =====

Video to image converter – Video to photo converter is a free application for your Android device.

Video to image Converter – Video to photo converter is a very useful application that allows you to conveniently extract unique images, special moments from video and easily share it with friends via media sharing: Facebook social network, Instagram, messaging application, email …

Main features of applications:

  • Video to image converter – Video to photo converter allows you to capture your favorite moments from videos by in one of two ways:

– Quick capture: Instant capture photo of specific moments while video is playing.

– Auto capture: Automatically take photos between certain time intervals.

  • Other features:

– Easily set the format, image quality you want to save.

– Easily capture and save multiple photos with just one click.

– Custom video player can be easily played or paused to extract photos more easily.

– Easily share the saved images with other applications.

– User friendly interface for capture photo from video.

===== About this source code =====

– Link apk demo to check this app:

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