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WooCommerce Beautifier V 1.1

WooCommerce Beautifier plugin gives you a plenty of options to customize the design of your WooCommerce shop. With this plugin you will be able to change/customize Design/Style/Color/Font-Size etc of your Shop page content, Minicart content, Cart page content, Checkout page content, Category and Tag page content. Such as product title, price,add to cart button,sale badge,page title,placeorder button, select option button etc. You can chage color, font size,font style,font-family,padding,background color etc.


Demo Admin

URL: https://codeastrology.com/testDrive
Username: demo
Password: demo
Video Tutorial of WooCommerce Beautifier plugin from Youtube

WooCommerce Beautifier - 1

WooCommerce Beautifier - 2
WooCommerce Beautifier - 3

# Plugin Features

WooCommerce Beautifier

With this awesome plugin you can customize your “WooCommerce” store style. You will be able change the shop page styles, Category-Tag page styles,Checkout page,cart page styles etc.

Global setting from one tab:

From the “Basic tab” in the setting panel the change will effect on all pages of your “WooCommerce” shop.

User friendly interface:

You can customize design/style of your site very easily with user friendly interface.

Reset you current setting for all tabs:

This is a very effective and important feature. Sometimes you may need to reset the current style to get back to default settings.There is reset button which will reset your setting with one click. The…

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